September is the beginning of a new program year for the BGC. I hope all of you are looking forward to inspiring programs, projects, activities, day trips and our boxwood workshop. Our first vice-president, Sandra Rhue, has been working hard this summer to put together a very exciting year of programs and educational opportunities. Other board members and committee chairwomen have been planning for the program year insuring that we will have opportunities to continue to grow as we reach out to others in a myriad of community projects. Those participating in “Day Trippers” will have many great gardens to explore and a chance to grow friendships with each other. We have an awesome year book and website to keep everyone informed.


In the seven years that I have been a member, I have seen the membership increase.  We have become more involved in community projects - development of a yearly achievement award for a future horticulture student, Come Grow With Us, commitment to aiding and honoring our veterans through Operation Remembrance, Blue Star Memorial and Habitat for Humanity to name a few.

We have supported efforts to help increase the monarch population by growing milkweed in our gardens and to educate children by donating The Frightened Frog and coloring sheets to the library.  To make a greater impact, as we commit ourselves to “promote interest in all aspects of gardening and to beautify, protect and preserve our environment,” it will take the participation of all Bridgewater Garden Club members.


As your new president, I will need your support. I welcome your thoughts and appreciate your continued participation in club activities and projects as well as the support you give committee work whenever assistance is needed.


Looking forward to making a difference together,

Gail F. Smith, President

2016 -2018