Greetings Garden Club Members,

Last year we accomplished all of our goals and then some! We welcomed six new members. BGC was incorporated as a non-profit. All our by-laws were updated and revised. BGC members supported GCNJ National Disaster Fund collection, Habitat for Humanity with our garden tool buckets for new home owners, provided a flower arranging program for Bridgewater senior citizens, and sponsored “Plant Marigolds at the Library” for youth ages 4-8 and became a member of Rutgers Gardens. We met our objectives for all our on-going projects- courtyard care, entrance garden bed and desk arrangements at the library, Lyons Hospital, Cancer Support Center, Zufall Health Center, Eco-Blast, St Jude’s Children’s Ranch, VNA and the Somerset Vocational School Achievement Award.


As we begin a the new program year, I hope all of you are looking forward to  inspiring programs, projects, activities, day trips and our boxwood workshop. Those participating in “Day Trippers”  will have five gardens to explore and a chance to grow friendships with each other. We have an awesome year book (Award of Excellence with gold seal was presented at the annual GCNJ meeting for 2016-17 edition)and website to keep our members informed and make the community aware of our programs, which are open to the public.


The theme for newly elected National President, Nancy Hargrove, is Plant America, a singularly focused initiative on gardens and gardening. “Both a call to service and a description of what NGC clubs do, Plant America supports the main reason that people say they join a garden club - to learn about gardening!” BGC is fully supporting Plant America,  and we have already started a beautification project at Richard Hall Community Mental Health Center. The major work will be done in the coming year. We will continue our many other gardening projects at the Bridgewater Library and in the community.


Looking forward to making a difference together,


Gail F. Smith, President

2016 -2018