Dear Garden Club Members,

Thank you for electing me President of the Bridgewater Garden Club.

I look forward to our club enthusiastically continuing our current community, school, children’s civic and library projects.  Additionally, continuing the work we do to keep our club running, such as membership, finance, hospitality, marketing, yearbook preparation, daytrips, the annual boxwood fund raiser and floral arrangements at our luncheons.  Whew, what a list!  We certainly keep busy, accomplish a lot and do a tremendous job at that!

We were pleased to receive the Clara Hunter Garden Therapy Award at the Garden Club of New Jersey’s annual meeting on June 7, 2018. My hope is that our club continues to be a force and inspiration for good in our community and remains aligned with the Garden Club of New Jersey initiatives.

Thanks for all your good works and enthusiasm.  I hope for a productive, successful and healthy upcoming year for all of us.


Marie Sereno, President